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The Monitor Gas Sad Iron

Sad irons were heavy hand-held flatiron that was heated on a stove then brought over to the iron board by a detachable wooden handle.

D.A. Lake invented the Monitor Sad Iron in c. 1901, on January 23,1902 John C. Lake applied for his patent and was granted on April 14, 1903.

Monitor Sad Iron Company is also known for putting Big Prairie, Holmes county, Ohio on the map. The sad iron factory was hand built including the original equipment by the Lake family. The factory was powered through an overhead pully drive line.

The Sad iron design is comprised of a shoe or ironing surface which was highly polished. The upper frame was a hollow casting into which white gasoline was injected under pressure to fuel a flame within the casting. The liquid was injected into the generator which consisted of the valve to control the flow of the fuel. The fuel was supplied from a small holding tank mounted just behind or in front of the handle of the iron. The iron was designed to operate with white gasoline – also known as Naphtha or other clean fuels.

Then electricity became popular, and the Monitor Sad Iron Company was not in demand much in the United States. This took a toll on the company and the company closed in 1954.

Deborah Wilson May 16, 2019

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