Life in 2020

A diorama inspired by the turmoil that was life in the year 2020 A.D.

2020 truly was a year to remember, although most of us would probably rather forget.

Starting with the COVID-19 epidemic, families were forced to adapt to a whole new way of living with the scare of an extinction level event. Stuck in our homes for social distancing we saw online business thrive, with corporations like amazon at the forefront. We dealt with the debates on what the proper course of action should be and the American people dealt with the struggle of not knowing what the future held.

Then there was the rise in racial tension after the killing of George Floyd by police. The people had grown unwilling to accept things as they were and tension reached a boiling point, with peaceful protests as well as riots spurring up all over the country and even in some places around the world. In some locations there was full blown anarchy as people took to the streets in an attempt to regain some of the life they felt they had lost.

There was no shortage of political dramas in this year either. The public was generally unhappy with the way the government was handling the situation, and were doing everything in their power to let it be known. The president was impeached but not removed from office. Being that this was an election year we also ushered in the presidency of Joe Biden, and although this is not necessarily a part of history at the time of this writing I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be an important part of history to look back on.

All in all 2020 was a year full of mystery and drama, a year for the history books. However, it stands as a shining testament to the fortitude of the human race. Although the struggles of life mounted an assualt on us as a people, we were able to adapt and persevere together. This was the message we hoped to convey with this exhibit, hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

Pictures by Danette Lopez 2021

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