Get to Know Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spark the human mind with a desire to learn about science and history; to rediscover the road that led us here.

Our Vision

Our values, our mission, and our vision will guide the organization’s strategic direction. Our vision is to open up a world of new inspiration for learning, to reintroduce the populace to the excitement of gaining knowledge without sacrificing standards.

We will do everything in our power to build strong relationships with schools and other educational organizations by showing them we will provide the highest quality service and information for the most reasonable prices. We envision a distinctive shop that allows you, the collector, to peruse and even purchase some of the hand-crafted or outright unique items.

We will show what the past has held and how products have developed over the years in order to teach and show many new aspects in the science world, and bring science and history together. We want to have friendly, informative staff willing to serve you, our guest. We will let the community know we are not just another business for profit. We will strive to build the community through volunteerism and outreaches. We are a part of the community for the community as a whole.

Danette Lopez – Curator

Heidi Knight

Deborah Wilson
James Weismore

Curator: Danette Lopez
Curriculum Director: Deborah Wilson (2016)
Phone: 904-631-3992