Wonders LLC

Antique Gallery

When I look at antiques, I go back in time and automatically try to visualize where the piece would have played its part in history. At Museum Wonders, you will see antiques that show the progression of history. Very few things didn’t have a beginning many years ago. Here at Museum Wonders LLC, you will see a progression of items, such as the telephone. The telephone went from an individual picking up the receiver and tapping on the receiver so that an operator would come on the line who would connect you to your “party line.” Then the telephone started having a Rotary on it. The rotary phone allowed the user to put their finger in a hole, and the user had to dial it using a Rotary dial. Then the phones went to having push buttons. When I say phones, I’m talking about home phones, Payphone booths, pay phones, and even cell phones have all made great design advancements. Items, back in time, were made to last. Now manufacturers make items that will break down within 3 years, so the consumer must buy another item that is usually upgraded. Hence the reason why we have so many antiques. Enjoy traveling back in time as you journey through Museum Wonders LLC.

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