Wonders LLC

About Us

About US

Museum Wonders LLC was first started around 10 years ago when founder and CEO, Danette Lopez, was collecting antiques in her home; displaying them but not telling the viewer what they were seeing. All her children’s friends would slowly walk around the house admiring all the fine artifacts. One day one of the friends made the statement, “Ms. Danette, your house is like a museum.” At that moment, the idea was born and plans started developing.

About The Curator/Owner

Museum Wonders a museum of history and oddities, a for-profit organization. Museum Wonders is being formed to provide unique and meaningful history and oddities experiences for all, to educate all visitors in history, and to show oddities never seen before,  building a lifelong audience. We plan to offer a dynamic and constantly-evolving program. This museum will show history in a progression, as well as many unique wet and dry specimens of animals. Each room will exhibit an item or theme by showing the item in different time periods, for example, the history of the washing machine will be shown by having three washing machines from different time periods. There will also be frames showing the timeline of washing machines. Oddities will be displayed in various natural settings. Each specimen is labeled.

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